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Business Services is a division of Goodwill Industries of San Antonio. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit social enterprise using a sustainable business model to deliver needed education, workforce development, and social programs that strengthen individuals and communities.

Our mission is to deliver reliable business services outsourcing and employment solutions to governments and businesses, while creating supported employment opportunities for individuals with documented disabilities and other challenges to employment.

89% of our Workforce

has a Documented Disability or Other Barriers to Employment

Our Model

Our Success Stands from Long-Standing Partnerships with Community-Minded Companies that share our vision for A Skilled Workforce, Robust Businesses, and Thriving Communities

Our model is unique in our ability to simultaneously deliver on BUSINESS and SOCIAL goals.

Our BUSINESS Goal is to provide reliable and price-competitive business services outsourcing solutions that enabled our government and business customers to focus on their core competencies and grow their business, supporting economic development in our community.

Our SOCIAL Goal is to provide supported employment opportunities to individuals with the lowest employment rate in our community, providing needed opportunities and services that allow individuals to improve their education, career pathways, economic situation, and quality of life

A Skilled Workforce Elevating Robust Businesses and Enhancing a Thriving Community.