Goodwill San Antonio Business Services has partnered with Goodwill Orange County to provide contact center services for®.

(SAN ANTONIO, TX – May 19, 2021) Goodwill San Antonio Business Services has partnered with Goodwill of Orange County to provide valued customer care contact center services in support of the nonprofit’s ecommerce auction platform,®.

As the first and largest ecommerce auction platform created and operated by a nonprofit,®, brings together the best of thousands of donated items in an engaging online destination that furthers Goodwill’s mission to elevate people through education and employment. More than 129 Goodwill organizations from across the country list and auction unique items on the site, including art, antiques, collectibles, apparel, jewelry, electronics and more. Revenue from auction sales fund Goodwill’s life-changing programs and services for people with disabilities and other life barriers. The site has more than $1 billion in sales since its launch in 1999 and sold 4.8 million items nationwide last year.

Goodwill San Antonio Business Services Contact Center operations executed the initial launch of services on April 22 for the site’s more than 2.4 million registered customers with agents providing® customer care support for payment inquiries, shipping updates, sign-in issues, and bidding-specific questions. Future support will consist of the implementation of phone, chat, and social media services to include the expansion of services to all member partners.  

“As a participating member on, Goodwill San Antonio is proud to provide our high-quality and reliable contact center services to our fellow Goodwill member and partner, Goodwill of Orange County,” says Carlos Contreras, CEO of Goodwill San Antonio. “This partnership embodies one of our core values of teamwork and is a testament to utilizing one of our organization’s core competencies to deliver an enhanced experience for our valued customers while bringing added awareness to the Goodwill mission.”

“We’ve seen incredible growth on over the last five years and we’re now seeing more than 21 million unique page views per week on the site,” said Nicole Suydam, President and CEO, Goodwill of Orange County. “In order to continue that momentum, we needed to elevate our customer service experience for these consumers – and quickly. Goodwill San Antonio Business Services Contact Center Solutions has the expertise and experience we needed to do this well, and as a fellow Goodwill organization, the partnership was a natural and exciting fit that benefits our collective mission.”

Goodwill San Antonio Business Services Contact Center is handling® customer inquiries for the more than 129 Goodwill sellers from across the country that list and sell items on the site at their state-of-the-art Business Services Operation Center located in San Antonio, Texas.

Goodwill San Antonio Business Services’ mission is to deliver reliable business services outsourcing and employment solutions to governments and businesses, while creating supported employment opportunities for individuals with documented disabilities and other challenges to employment. To learn more, visit

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